Monday, May 21, 2007

Protect us from ourselves

God, I wish I could keep writing about docks, but there’s so much craven corruption, so much in which to find outrage, so little time...

The story of Dragon Skin took hold late last week and its implications make me sick. NBC News reported there’s a body armor that’s (possibly) superior to the standard issue Interceptor armor the Army supplies its infantry. (The Army inexplicably cancelled tests). Dragon Skin is so much better that three-star Generals and CIA/FBI special ops wear it. Over the last couple of years parents began buying it at $650 or more as a Christmas present for their children shipping off to Iraq. Suddenly the Army banned its use. Seems their body-armor testing Colonel retired and got a lucrative job with the supplier who makes Interceptor, and that company has a $360 million contract.

Over the weekend, the artillery range in Maryland where the Army began—and then halted—testing on Dragon Skin blew up. Not clear yet whether the testing records that led to the Army’s decision were lost. This sounds like something out of 24. I wish I could change the channel.

I used to think 1/20/09—the day Bu$hco ends—would bring relief from the madness, but the more I learn, the more hopeless I become about how deep the corruption goes. That these bastards would risk one soldier’s life to protect a military contract is unconscionable. Imagine buying your child the best protection (as a Christmas present, no less), and him or her not being able to use it.



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