Monday, March 05, 2007

Soldiers with cameras

Like most Americans, I know I have only a shadowy impression of what the war in Iraq is really like. You don’t see much footage on the TV newscasts because they’re more concerned with Anna Nicole Smith or the astronaut who wore the diaper. “But it’s OK not to know what’s going on there,” I tell myself; “I don’t support the war so the details are irrelevant.” So much for ignorant bliss; now I can no longer ignore what’s taking place in my name.

On Saturday night I attended a showing of The War Tapes as part of our local Big Muddy Film Festival. This isn’t mainstream media’s take on the war. It is the first war movie ever made by soldiers filming all the war footage themselves. An unvarnished picture, you might say.

One of the most striking themes of this movie is the Americans’ contempt for the Iraqi people. One memorable scene shows a tanker truck filled with urine and feces being emptied by spraying the waste into a ditch along the side of a busy road. There are scenes of humvees barreling down city streets at 60 miles an hour, escorting convoys of Halliburton trucks. Caution: I’m going to give away a “climactic” scene in the next sentence. When one of those speeding humvees runs over a little girl who tries to dash across the highway in front of it, all the carnage and confusion is captured on videotape. The soldiers more or less scrape her severed body parts over to the side of the road while they search for her head. Iraqis come and shovel the parts into a body bag.

This is what’s being done in our name. If you want to see for yourself, buy this movie (only $19.95) and ask your friends and family to watch it.



At 7:10 AM, Anonymous ste!!a said...


Thanks for telling me so I don't have to see it.

Nothing can get me more angry and appalled than I already am...

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Michael Nolan said...

I know ste!!a; they have numbed our capacity for outrage. This lot is worse than the Nazis ever dreamed of being.

At 6:47 PM, Blogger DetroitGirl said...

This is just too awful. Today I heard how female soldiers have to pee in bottles because it isnt' safe to go to the bathroom at night. Our own soldiers are attacking them.

At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect, (since I found your name on the quote of the day in my daytimer, I guess that makes you one smart guy) - but you really should read more history about the Nazis.

Ken McNamara

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Ken McNamara said...

How about a little outrage for the women of Iraq when Saddam's sons (and friends) practiced rape as a sport?

There was the French ballerina who was forced to have sex with her dancing partner at gunpoint - guess that doesn't count for anything.

But, after all, none of you supported Saddam, so you can look the other way on this one too.

Excuse me - but when someone says "Nazi" they should know something about what the Nazis were and what they really did.

At 3:22 PM, Blogger Michael Nolan said...

Sorry, Ken; doesn’t equate. We are occupying their country, treating them with contempt, killing their children in front of their very eyes. Please educate yourself and see this movie filmed by soldiers, not Michael Moore and then tell me it doesn’t make you ashamed.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog even if you disagree with me.

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Ken McNamara said...

Mike - Well, you're true to your quote ("There is somebody smarter than any of us, and that is all of us.") A person who believes that should accept dissent and you do.

My first objection is to the word 'Nazi' - we aren't in the same league. They came to power by murdering their political rivals - then they murdered anyone who got in their way. To date, even with the assassination chic of the far left and the outright misrepresentations of MM F911 -- no one has been dragged off to the prisons, never to be seen again.

As to that movie - there are far more soldiers who would tell you we need to be there and are accomplishing something to be proud of. In spite of the horrors of war.

I'm proud of what we've done there and frankly will be embarassed when we pull out - and leave the country to a bunch of thugs. Who will in turn make our occupation look like days of peace.

There is never justification for killing an child - but at least we find it objectionable. One of the recent car bombs was a success because they left two kids in the back seat.

It's interesting to note that when Eleanor Roosevelt visited Japan 10 years after the end of WWII - they were still trying to bring women into the power structure - it takes a long time to help a country out of the depths of a dictatorship (or leader worship) -- BUT it was well worth it. I was there 15 years later and they actually had a life.

I really think that today's generation is too selfish to do the hard work necessary to bring a country out of the depths - and we'll be paying for it.

Thanks for your reasonable reply - we'll probably never come close to agreeing on any of this.


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