Friday, September 22, 2006

Here comes your October surprise!

Amidst blog posts referencing emails from Karl Rove to Republican activists about an “October surprise,” I came across a scary report in The Nation about a US strike force of aircraft carriers being sent to the Persian Gulf, probably to attack nuclear sites in Iran.

According to the article, “The Eisenhower had been in port at the Naval Station Norfolk for several years for refurbishing and refueling of its nuclear reactor; it had not been scheduled to depart for a new duty station until at least a month later, and possibly not till next spring. Family members, before the orders, had moved into the area and had until then expected to be with their sailor-spouses and parents in Virginia for some time yet. First word of the early dispatch of the "Ike Strike" group to the Persian Gulf region came from several angry officers on the ships involved, who contacted antiwar critics like retired Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner and complained that they were being sent to attack Iran without any order from the Congress.”

I guess Bu$hco needs to launch its next war before they lose control of the rubber-stamp Congress.



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