Thursday, November 15, 2007

The quadrant of dread

I did an uncharacteristic, impetuous thing last night. I attended a new-agey workshop here in Carbondale on the topic of Abundance.

It wasn’t that I’ve been experiencing a lack of abundance in my own life. I’ve been completely amazed by our good fortune over the last couple of years. It was more a nagging feeling that it might be illusory, that it could disappear at any moment if I didn’t guard it more carefully.

At the workshop, the presenter created a two-dimensional map that charted time, from past to future on one axis, and power on the other. The power of course, ranged from positive to negative.

This created four quadrants. In the upper left, towards the past and positive in its power, was nostalgia. One needs to be careful not to get mired in nostalgia for the past, but the quadrant can be a source of positive direction. In the lower right-hand corner, towards the future, and negative in the effects of its power, is the quadrant of dread.

I loved the image. I know I spend a lot of time living here in the quadrant of dread. “What if I lose my job?” “What if George Bush declares a dictatorship?” “What if the real estate market continues in free fall?”

The upshot is if you dwell in the quadrant of dread, you’ll probably start making plans for all the what-if scenarios, and turn them into self-fulfilling prophecies. I learned that one should adopt a new language, a way of rephrasing: “I am not my job. My job is me.”

It’s subtle and it’s new-agey, but by golly, it’s my new mantra.



At 7:06 AM, Anonymous ste!!a said...

Well, if you would send a little abundance our way that would be appreciated.

Actually we have a perfect life with plenty of currency. Just not the kind that pays the bills.

Here's a way that china has been using for awhile:


At 8:32 AM, Blogger Michael Nolan said...

Well ste!!a I’ve been doing my best to send abundance your way. You just need to get crackin’ on that book about changing culture through design!

At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it. Have you ever done the Maori Medicine drawing. It's a similar kind of activity, but it makes you reflect on where you want to go. GGR from AA

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