Monday, January 01, 2007

Boomers’ chance for redemption

I’m an avid trends watcher. Maybe it’s my undergraduate training in Sociology, but I’m fascinated by the way new ideas and ways of living develop and manifest. An article about the trends of 2007 caught my eye in today’s edition of our local paper, the Southern Illinoisan, and I love what it said: Authenticity is back. Baby boomers are returning to their old values.

Says a trends expert from Hallmark Cards, “We boomers did a lot of singing and talking about ideals. Then we moved into big houses and turned our backs on our beliefs. Now we have a chance to implement our ideals.” Gerald Celente, who has followed trends for 25 years adds, “People are facing hypocrisy at every level. The war, Congress, Wall Street. They feel they’ve been sold a bill of goods. History hates a hypocrite. Boomers have got a shot at redemption."

Well, I must say I’ve awaited this return to integrity for quite awhile. All through the ‘80s and ‘90s my wife and I expressed disbelief to each other as we watched once-cherished values of our generation evaporate in a fury of selfishness and conspicuous consumption. We asked ourselves whether there could be a return to those core beliefs of our youth.

A new authenticity? Bring it on.



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