Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Philly, we hardly knew ye...

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Our days of loft living in Center City Philadelphia are drawing to a close. At the end of July we'll be briefly living "downashore" in our half-renovated cottage in Villas, NJ. What an odyssey this year has been, and more is to follow soon.

This is a photo of our dining area in the throes of being disassembled. You could say it's a picture of instability at Stable Court.

Today the three of us—mom, dad and son—cabbed over to the Natural History Academy to see an exhibit on dogs. It was a muggy, overcast city day, and it was a reminder of what we're going to miss about urban life: museums, movies, restaurants, cabs, quirky stores and vibrant street life.

But another chapter beckons.


At 2:47 PM, Blogger DetroitGirl said...

you'll have to change your blogname, won't you? Hope the move goes well--we'll be thinking about you alot...Love, G

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