Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Questioning, um, questionable sources

So the Bushies are rubbing their hands together in glee that they got Newsweek to retract the story about flushing the Koran down the toilet. They're all crowing about how the magazine used questionable sources in reporting the story.

Never mind the questionable sources the administation cited when they took us off to our adventure in Iraq. Nobody's responsible for that, I guess. And while we're on the subject of Iraq, how the hell can the people who orchestrated that mess go on with their daily lives? How can they look each other in the eye, or the rest of us for that matter? Everyone can see clearly that it's a total debacle.

As for the impact of the Koran story on American standing in the Arab world, what about Abu Ghraib? I'm sure Arabs are thankful Lynndie didn't flush Korans down the toilet while she was humiliating naked prisoners.

Meanwhile, a breath of fresh air from Animal, by Ani DiFranco:

ask any eco-system
harm here is harm there
and there and there
and aggression begets aggression
it's a very simple lesson
that long preceded any king of heaven
and there's this brutal imperial power
that my passport says i represent
but it will never represent where my heart lives
only vaguely where it went

cuz i know when you grow up surrounded
by willful ignorance
you learn that mercy has its own country
and that it's round and borderless
and then you just grow wings
and rise above it all
like there
where that hawk is circling
above that strip mall


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