Monday, February 07, 2005

Bush Budget Blues

Now this is where the shinola hits the shit--or however it goes. Bush's new budget. Oh, and guess what. We have plenty of moolah for killing and maiming babies and Halliburton hoo-hah "we're in the money!" But now we gotta get austere, so ...

(This is--mind you--from the Indianapolis Star, for friggen sakes):
"Forty-eight education programs would be eliminated, including one for ridding drugs from schools. In all, more than 150 government-wide programs would be eliminated or slashed deeply, including Amtrak subsidies, oil and gas research, and grants to communities hiring police officers."

OK. So Lemme get this straight. We need to give tax cuts to gazillionaires so we can send our kids to die in Iraq while we pay Halliburton out the ass with no accountability so we can pass the bill on to our kids and their kids, and meanwhile we dismantle any hopes we have of breaking out of the cycles of poverty that have made us a have and have-not society, but we think it'd be better if it got more have and more have-not, cause that's just good for business and besides we were joking when we said "no child left behind." We really meant " no billionaire left behind" but the dumbass hicks who voted us in are just too dense to see it.

OK. Over and out. Count me out.


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