Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Our new backyard

After one of the most nail-bitingly difficult and complex mortgaging/closing processes we’ve ever experienced (not much good to say about Countrywide Mortgage this afternoon), we finally settled today on our new house. This is the view from part of our backyard.



At 6:26 AM, Blogger DetroitGirl said...

Fantanstic! I can't wait to visit--do you need any big paintings--I'm having a close-out...

At 5:29 PM, Anonymous ratioswitch said...

Nice view. As a web designer by week and waterskiier by weekend, I truly am jealous (if that really is Lake Murphysboro or Beaucoup River in the background). Are you near the state park? Good luck with the "fixer-upper".

Anywho, just visiting. A link from Zeldman's site) brought me here. He posted a nice summary about the Chicago An Event Apart conference and I was just curious if you were there. I was, dead-center, half-way up in fact. Where were you hiding? Would have liked to meet you.


At 5:59 PM, Anonymous Margaret Anderson said...

what a difference a view makes. . .

so glad you were able to pull this off.

a dose of joy everyday to combat the toxins in the atmophere (virtual and actual)


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