Friday, February 24, 2006

mikal needs some art

It gets weary, thinking about politics so much. It consumes me sometimes and I forget to indulge the creative side. So I went out on the net tonight in search of some art to entertain myself and both of my readers.

First I found this wonderful image called "resolving differences." It's the free image of the week at one of my very favorite sites on the whole world wide web, I came across this wonderful portal into the world of images several years ago, and have always relied upon it for startling visual idea generation. The concept is, anybody can upload their photos and offer them to the world at large, royalty-free, and for everytime somebody else downloads the photo, receive a credit. Those credits can be accumulated and used to purchase other people's photos. The work is original, provocative, vast, and always the first place I turn when I'm seeking an image to illustrate an idea.

Back in the day, I submitted several of my own photos to istockphoto, and have been pleasantly surprised that lots of people have chosen to download the pictures I took. I've built up some credits, and it's fun to see what people like the best.

So what about this photo of the week? I don't know what it means. Anybody want to suggest a caption for it?



At 8:19 AM, Blogger DetroitGirl said...

"So, how do we go about starting a fourth party?"


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