Monday, January 30, 2006

Another road game and kicked in the nuts

More time spent on the road led to trying to concoct new, mind-expanding thought games. I'm math challenged, so I thought something based on the numbers you see on signs along the highway would be nice. Maybe "add 'em all up," where you simply add the numbers in your head as they come at you. So, "Effingham 25, Carbondale 109, and St. Louis 125 displayed on a sign would add up to 259. But that got boring pretty quickly. And besides, they kept coming pretty fast so it didn't take long to lose count.

Next I turned to a refinement of "Who lives there." I decided to get a fuller picture of people by noticing the details in their yard. "They have a horse trailer so they must ride horses. The swing set indicates young kids. Their pickup truck is new, so they probably have jobs." Then I added another level of complexity to the game: I'm visiting and spending the night with the imaginary people. I wondered what we'd talk about. This track also led to some um, interesting thoughts.

Just saw a fantastic little short film on the net called "Kicked In The Nuts." I heartily recommend it as a metaphor for modern-day America.


At 1:34 PM, Blogger DetroitGirl said...

We've been listening to Al Franken's book on CD--the one titled "Truth with Jokes." He's brilliant--and I guess he'll run for state Senate in Minnesota. Hell, if a former drunk, Coke addict can become president, anything can happen! God Bless America!


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