Tuesday, January 03, 2006

You know what I hate?

I really, really hate those f**king pull-down lists of states on websites where you're registering or ordering something. I mean, come on. They think I can't remember the two letter code for my state, but I am competent to enter the name of my city (even though it may be Lower Chatahoochee Falls)? Even I—someone who has lived in four states over the last two years (IN, PA, NJ, IL)—rarely get this wrong.

I'm on the web all day long. I buy things, I book flights, I check bank balances, and all these sites make me stop, point my mouse, drag down through a long list of other people's states, click on mine and hit OK. I've wasted mega amounts of mini chunks of time.. That adds up to a lot. Then there's the frustration—a whole other thing.

And you know the most interesting thing? A site you'd think would really deem it crucial to identify your state correctly, Mapquest trusts you to get it right by typing in your two letter abbreviation! If you somehow manage to not know the two letter abbreviation for your state, they have helpfully made the word "State" a blue link so you can click on it and scroll through. Yay Mapquest!


At 6:00 PM, Anonymous margaret said...

I've seen some (rare) where you fill in the zip code first -- which populates the state field automatically.

I THINK it was sending a Fedex package. . .


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